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Have news of Apple getting told? Found a Mac user making an arrogant comment on a forum somewhere? Send it in!

ToldNet: tell

Status as of 06:09 AM: Apple TOLD | Microsoft NOT TOLD | AT&T TOLD | Intel TOLD | AMD TOLD | Nvidia TOLD

QuickTold: Eric Schmidt: Google has a culture of openness compared to Apple's "core strategy of closed-ness."

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QuickTold: New Kindle ad trolls iPad's lack of sunlight visibility.

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ToldWire: Apple Most-Covered Tech Company in Mainstream Media (MacRumors) But not on any subject that matters. (Reality)

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QuickTold: Apple abuses its position as App Store curator to censor Newsday iPad advertisement. Who needs freedom of the press anyway?

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Status: Apple TOLD

Best Buy employee trolls iPad

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This guy still holds the record for the world's most useful iPad, but word has reached the Tolditorium of a solid runner-up:

QuickTold: Tech industry troll Michael Pachter trolls Apple.

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QuickTold: Steve Jobs trolled some college journalism student who may or may not have had it coming. P.S. it's a girl.

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QuickTold: Overheard in an Apple Store: (Employee demos iPad) "I could show you that, but we'd have to set up Gmail and.. .. well, someone already did. We'll just use their stuff then."

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Japan trolls Steve Jobs, confiscates his shuriken

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Ok, so apparently Steve Jobs was stopped at customs on his way out of Japan, where they didn't allow him to take a shuriken home with him.

On arriving at the airport for his return journey, he was apparently outraged at having to declare his newly acquired shuriken to customs, protesting "Who would be so stupid as to commit terrorism on their own jet?!" and "I'll never come to a country like this again!"

Trolled. Although one has to wonder if Jobs' comment has something to do with his health situation.

We don't know if they ultimately let him leave, but Steve Jobs vs. the stubbornness of the Japanese government may mean an infinite stalemate is in store.

ToldWire: Steve Jobs Defends New iTunes 10 Icon Against Criticism (MacRumors) Defend against this, Steve. (Reality)

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ToldWire: Apple Removes Custom Ringtone Creation in iTunes 10 (MacRumors) You won't be getting any calls on AT&T anyway. (Reality)

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ToldWire: iOS Passes Linux to Become Third-Most Popular Internet Browsing Platform (MacRumors) And first-most expensive. (Reality)

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ToldWire: Apple Confirms No Software Update for Original Apple TV (MacRumors) Because it would be a downgrade. (Reality)

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Yet another Apple event: The Thread

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Steve Jobs is wearing a black turtleneck and jeans.

HDR photographs built into iOS 4.1. Just when you thought that horse was already beaten and dead in 2008!

"Epic sword battles", but no giant enemy crab. For whatever reason, Apple's Game Center matches hardcore players with casual players.

Wireless printing on iPad and Jiggle mode. Jiggle mode.

The iPod Shuffle. With buttons again. Yawn.

The iPod nano. Without buttons. Yawn.

The iPod touch. Thinner and more bullshit nobody uses. Yawn.

New iTunes. Shitty logo. Steve Jobs discovers SOCIAL NETWORKING.

New Apple TV. Smaller. No purchases, only rentals. Told, kind sir. Told.

Coldplay? More like Toldplay.

What a disaster.

Status: Apple TOLD

QuickTold: Apple press release casually refers to Macs as "the best personal computers in the world". We sure got told.

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QuickTold: Big Brother teams up with Apple's Little Brother: How the iPhone works to undermine your privacy.

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QuickTold: Flaw in Apple QuickTime turns Internet Explorer into even more of a security hole.

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QuickTold: Microsoft co-founder patent trolls the living shit out of Apple.

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QuickTold: Woman has to undergo surgery for using iPhone too much.

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QuickTold: Think they're going to get a lot of people signing up for this iPad?

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QuickTold: Author says he sells 60 books on Kindle for every 1 iBook.

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ToldWire: Apple's ATI Radeon HD 5870 Works in 2008 Mac Pro (MacRumors) And works in probably every modern PC. (Reality)

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ToldWire: PayPal Charges Result in Renewed Publicity Surrounding iTunes Account Phishing Attacks (MacRumors) Solution: Stop buying music. (Reality)

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ToldWire: Apple Patent Application on Detecting 'Unauthorized' iOS Device Usage Causes Controversy (MacRumors) Apple: Trolling by way of technology since 1976. (Reality)

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